Natural Brow Tricks


If you’re wondering how to draw eyebrows naturally, check out these 6 tips!

1. Blend it in

In this brow tutorial, she demonstrates how to get naturally looking brows by blending the products in slowly but effectively, and giving attention to the arches. You can see that she doesn’t go crazy filling in her brow with tons of colour, but instead blends it in a little at a time until the brow looks naturally fuller

2. The concealer method

Using concealer for eyebrows is great way to get a gorgeous, natural arch.

3. Pencil them in

As soon as I hear eyebrow pencil, I shutter at the thought of obviously fake, drawn on eyebrows.

How to Groom and Naturally Fill in Eyebrows by Gricelda Suarez J

4. Use eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Tutorial Using Eyeshadow by Lupe Netro

5. All about brow powder for blondes

If you’re a blonde and wondering how to use brow powder, look no further. In this brow tutorial, she only uses three brow products to get the look.